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Planning & Practice

Doula WORKs – Made to measure

The real advantage to you is the fact that I provide continuous guidance,
even when you move location (for example, if you move from home to the hospital).

Emotional support

  • Answering all your questions: defining emotions in order to make them discussable.
  • After getting to know you, I provide appropriate guidance.
  • If necessary. partner rotation, ("care" do not forget yourself).taking care off ...
  • How does the partner experience it? His emotional guidance

Practical support

  • Working through and providing advice on various birthing positions.

  • Working through breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Massage
  • Carrying materials, pregnancy ball.
  • Taking photos
  • Provide transportation when traveling to the hospital, including taking equipment etc.
  • Experienced breastfeeding guidance
  • Assistance in creating a Birth Plan

Definition of a Birth plan:

A Birth Plan is a plan which describes the wishes of the parents which is to be used to guide them around the birth of the baby.
This may include for example, the type of atmosphere which should be present, or the wish to breastfeed, etc.
Always in consultation with a gynecologist or obstetrician.
On request I can provide more info on how to write a birth plan, which is obviously very personal.

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