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About Me

Ivonne Goth-Jezeer; (1963)
Married to Robin www.gothdesign.nl and mother of three children, now teenagers.


During all three pregnancies/births my husband and I chose to use haptonomy. Haptonomy is loosely translated as “the art of learning to feel”. What appealed to us is that you and your partner learn together to connect with your baby in the womb,

recognizing rhythms and playing with your child - it can be fun!

It gave us such a wonderful feeling to be going into the excitement of birth with confidence and then to have all three of our children born in the manner and environment of our choice.  As our children grew up and I gathered experience, I realized I wanted to made a profession of helping others with my experience.

Doula training
In late 2005 I learned that a Doula training course was about to start in Utrecht. In June 2006 I sat in the first group of graduates and by July 2007 my training was complete.
It would be an honour to share my knowledge with you!

 * To become a Doula: a wish came true! *

logoMy vision

After an introductory meeting it will be clear to me whether we should continue.
We should click. If this is the case, we will discuss how you are experiencing your pregnancy so far, how your partner feels, and what you expect from me.

You must of course be at ease, and only then will we progress to discuss confidential matters. I like to work with the point of view that being pregnant is a natural event rather than a medical one.

After several meetings, I know what your questions and wishes are and I am able to begin guiding you. In the mean time can always email or call me.
Around the due date, I will be on 24 hour standby.

***Dare to trust your feelings, intuition is always right.***

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